The humanoid people of the sun side


Solanari Culture:

The Solanari are a race of humanoid mammal-plant hybrids. They live on a diurnal system, meaning they are born during the dawn and die after the sun has set. They can reproduce either sexually or asexually, laying down seed pods, and their children are born with some of the most formative experiences of their parents, allowing them to fully mature within minutes of being born. Although they possess the experience of their ancestors, they can only apply so much of that experience. This means that the child is capable of quickly regaining the skills of their their parents with some minor training (typically a day), but little more than that. Asexually born children are essentially continuations of their parent.

The Solanari, like most Sun races, believe they were born of a seed that fell from the Sun. They believe that this is how all diurnal races were born, and that nocturnal races were born from a seed from the dead Sun.

Solanari society is very fluid. They embrace their life cycle of rebirth and don’t fret over minor issues, preferring to always move forwards. They have a monarchy based political system, which is greatly aided by their hereditary knowledge, ensuring that each new generation of leader is at least as capable as the last. A centralized leadership system is key to making quick decisions, a very necessary quality considering the short life cycle of the Solanari.

Solanari place little importance on gender other than for reproductive purposes. This is because the cycle of rebirth doesn’t consider gender either, meaning that every member of the species can remember the experiences of ancestors from both genders.

Solanari Appearance:

Solanari are extremely dark skinned as their flesh absorbs the whole spectrum of light in a highly efficient photosynthetic process aided by a fractal pattern of tiny leaves covering their bodies. Solanari typically dress minimally, as they want to absorb sunlight.

Solanari do not possess mouths, as they have no need of one. They breathe through micro pores in their skin, and communicate through the vibration of many chords of varying lengths via a crossing muscular fiber, creating sound much like a violin does.

Their eyes have mesh filters to protect their retinas from the harsh light of the sun. They have no iris, instead their entire eye, other than their pupil, is a highly reflective white.

Solanari typically have bright, reflective hair colors that disperses any light that touches it, giving them a sort of glowing outline.

Solanari are fairly diverse, each member is semi-specialized. Some are larger with more muscle, others have a strange skin leaf pattern that better conducts magical energies, etc.

Creating a Solanari Character:

Solanari do not eat or sleep. They subsist on sunlight, and can spend at most 24 hours without sunlight before dying. Normal light, such as from torches, is not sufficient.

All races have a Racial Class that they level up in at the same time as their normal class levels. Racial Classes are intended to highlight the abilities of that race without restricting the character.
All racial classes should introduce abilities that support the basic play styles (Caster, Two Handed, Dual, Sword/Board, Stealth, Skill, Ranged), at early levels, then move onto adding the abilities of powerful members of that race. You should be allowed to pick two to support hybrid characters.

All Solanari are Solar Powered. This mechanic functions by providing the Solanari with a pool of Solar Points. They regain all expended Solar Points at the start of each encounter. They must be exposed to the sun to regain Solar Points. Solanari have a maximum Solar Point pool equal to their HD.

rework this into a class:

Pick any two of the following:
At most one of: (can’t choose the same stat twice)
+2 to any two physical stats – you are more adept at physical tasks
+2 to any two mental stats – you are more adept at mental tasks
+2 to any mental stat and any physical stat – you are a bit better at a variety of tasks

Conduit Pattern – your skin leaves are patterned in such a way as to assist in the manipulation of magical energies. You passively cast all spells at +1 caster level. In addition, you may expend one Solar Point to cast a spell of first level or less without expending a spell slot. The spell cast must be one that you have prepared or can cast spontaneously. The spell otherwise functions normally.


Light Step – you can expend one Solar Point to move up to twice your speed as a swift action. This counts as a move action for all other purposes.

Two Handed,

  • - you can expend a Solar Point at any point during a charge to make up to a 90 degree turn.


  • - As long as you wield a shield in one hand and a weapon in the other, you may expend a Solar Point during a melee attack with your weapon to deal double damage. You may expend the Solar Point after learning if the attack was successful. You may also expend a Solar Point as an immediate action to change the target of a single ranged or melee attack from an adjacent ally to yourself.

Warp Light – you may expend one solar point as part of a move action used to move in order to turn invisible during your movement. You resume being visible at the end of your movement.

Solar Weapon – you can expend one solar point as a swift action to imbue any number of projectiles for the duration of an encounter. As long as you wield the projectile, you can create duplicates as a free action as part of a ranged attack made with the projectile. Thus you could imbue an arrow and fire duplicates of the arrow instead of the original. You can also use this with thrown weapons. The duplicates exist only for the duration of the attack, and fade away afterwards. The duplicates possess all of the mundane qualities of the original, but none of the magical ones. Only the source of the Solar Weapon is capable of using it.

//ideas for other races

  • - you can charge, ignoring obstacles in your path. For each such obstacle, you must either bullrush (to the side) or trample them (for creatures and some objects), or break them with a strength check. Your charge fails if you fail to either move a creature out of your way or break something in your path, ending the charge at the point of failure.

Solar Flare – By expending one Solar Point, you may violently expel the solar energy you’ve been collecting from your body. Everyone in a ‘5 foot per HD’ radius must make a DC ‘10 + 1/2 HD + Con’ Reflex save of be blinded for 1d4 rounds per 5 HD. This also dispels all [Darkness] spells whose caster level is less than your HD.


If you intend to make a Solanari character for a player, you will likely want them to be Crepuscular. This is a rare breed of Solanari (and indeed of all Sun Races) that does not abide by the normal life cycle, instead living through both the days and nights.



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