Game Mechanics

While this will be played table top, it will eventually be a PC game. Thus these rules are designed with that in mind.

The game is played with cards. Your deck of cards represents your character. There are a few different types of cards. Your main source of cards is your Deck, but you also have other piles of cards that represent other parts of your character. These cards are intended to highlight the special qualities of your character, but are not everything. For example, your Equipment cards would have your armor, main weapons, and a couple important items like healing potions, etc. Whether or not your character has other, more mundane items depends on if you and the Game Master think it’s reasonable. You can of course create cards with additional items, but that’s up to you.
Something similar applies to skills. While you may have ability cards that represent some specific skills your character has, the difficulty of performing certain tasks may be more or less depending on if you and the Game Master think it reasonable for your character to have those skills.

Equipment cards:
These cards represent items that you have. Equipped items are set up to be visible, and other items must be collected into a single pile, face up. This pile is known as your inventory, and may be organized however you wish. You may use the top card as an action (depending on the item), or you may spend a Move Action to search your inventory for a specific item. Certain items (such as a belt) can change how your inventory is organized.

Passive Cards:
These cards can come from a variety of sources, but they are kept separate as they are constantly active. They should be kept visible on the table.

Active Cards:
Active Cards are skills or abilities your character has that must be actively used. All such cards require an an action of some sort to use, have an Augment section, and exist somewhere on either the Skill Tree or the Racial Skill tree. Active cards form the entirety of your Deck, and your character’s Level is one tenth the size of your deck, rounded down.

Game Mechanics

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